(and so do discounts)


Need more than just one service that we offer? We understand, we want to see you succeed just as much as you do. Just like a fancy steak house, you can add any of our Jarja offerings to your package as a la carte items. Need Spotlight, but you think you need a new website to drive traffic to? No problem, we got you.  You’re already enrolled in coaching, but you want to drive traffic back to your new website, that’s where Retargeting comes in. Unlike other companies that bundle a bunch of services together that you have no need for, we allow you to customize your experience so you get the best bang for you buck, and the most tailored marketing package designed with your goals in mind.


Want to SAVE $100 per month?


Because all of our packages are designed to work together in order to ensure your success, we’d thought we’d sweeten the deal by offering our clients a discounted price for bundles. Choose any three of our packages, including:

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