Our Big Break

There is a first time for everything. The first time you ride a bike with no training wheels. The first time you travel outside of the country (Canada counts, right?). The first time you eat an In-N-Out Burger. And of course the first time your company is promoted at an event (roll with us on this one).

Today, on January 29th at 4 o’clock PM, we are excited to announce that we have finally reached that last milestone – Jarja Media is here!! Well…kind of. We have spent the last few days packing, planning outfits, and preparing for our flight to San Antonio, Texas to be represented at the Jared James Annual Advance.

We don’t want to brag, but this is a pretty big deal. The Jared James Annual Advance is a yearly conference held by the man himself (that’s Jared by the way) where real estate professionals gather to learn everything they need to know about their business. For those attending, they also get the added benefit of being the first to hear about the ins and outs of Jarja Media. Jared will be announcing our launch and showing the audience some sneak peaks of our CRM, websites and lead system, which are definitely something that they (and anyone else in the real estate biz) will need.

Like I said, there is a first time for everything, and if you’re missing out on the big reveal don’t worry. Were hoping to have Jarja fully up and running come April so you won’t need to wait much longer to jumpstart your business. But in the mean time…San Antonio here we come! (As always, stay tuned and follow us on social to see what trouble we’re causing down in the Lone Star State)