Why You Should NOT Wait Until Spring to Sell Your Home!


When it comes to selling your home, we all ask the same question, “When is the best time?” Constantly we see all over the internet that you should wait until the spring to begin the process. I mean, hey, it sounds like the perfect plan. With the crazy holiday season and finally taking the time to relax after seeing your unpredictable in-laws, how do you find the time to also place your home on the market? Many other homeowners have the same predicament and we are here to help.


Here are some reasons why you should NOT wait until spring to sell your home, but if you do, we also have a few quick renovations you should complete before then!

1. There’s less competition in the winter Months!

Houses on the market are traditionally known to shrink around this time of year. With this, many buyers out there have very limited choices and this is where you come in. Competition is your biggest enemy when it comes to trying to sell your home. Ask yourself this: would you rather wait until spring to promote your home against the largest known volume of sellers, or would you rather place your property out on the market where there is less supply and more demand?

2. Serious Buyers Only

At this time of year, only serious buyers are the ones who will be in the marketplace. The winter time is the busiest known season, so you won’t be bothered by what we like to call, “lookers”. In fact, the people who aren’t very interested are the ones still doing their Holiday shopping or baking cookies for the annual office party. Not to mention, what about when you decide to have an open house? The serious buyers are the ones willing to driving through the freezing cold and icy snow storms!


3. Quicker Overall Process

Throughout the years, this environment has become far more competitive than ever before. With the competition being so high, buyers need to find ways to stand out amongst the many other buyers out there. For example, many of them are now getting pre-approved for their mortgage financing. With this, it makes the entire selling process much faster and simpler for both the buyer and seller. This is because the buyer is able to know beforehand exactly what they can afford and you don’t have the problems with not-so serious buyers like mentioned earlier.

Now that we’ve convinced you to try selling your home this winter, we hope this information helped settle your minds. To answer the popular question of, “when is the best time”, the answer is simply not to wait for those warm months. The earlier, the better, as they say.

However, we get it, with winter comes a lot of obligations and it can be quite costly. We are not saying that it is necessarily bad to sell in the spring, but if you must wait, you can read further on as to what kinds of renovations you should complete before listing your home.

1. Minor Bathroom Remodeling

Remodeling your bathroom may sound scary, but we are only talking about some minor fixing. This can include things such as replacing the bathtub, shower, floor, toilet and sink. With these fixes, it can give your outdated bathroom a more contemporary look.

2. Do some minor Kitchen Remodeling

Now we aren’t saying to tear up your entire kitchen for some cosmetic updating, but doing some improvements may be beneficial when selling your home. This includes but is not limited to refacing cabinets, changing the countertops and working with new lighting. Having a beautiful is very crucial to many home buyers and this step is very important when in the process of renovations!

3. Don’t forget about the exterior improvements

The inside of your home may be in perfect shape but the little details on the outside are just as important! Outdoor spaces are what potential buyers first see before even entering the home. If your landscaping is up to date, you must have the same for your exterior because this is where people can enjoy the new and improved landscaping. A few examples would be repainting your home, investing in some potential siding details and even a new front door that welcomes everyone in.

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Overall, figuring out when to sell your home can be exhausting, but we hope these reasons can give some insight on not only what to think about, but also what you should be doing in the meantime. If you’re still not sure when the best time is, ask yourself why you thought about selling your home in the first place. Perhaps this is the best time for you to start living the life you always dreamed of!

- Courtney, Marketing Associate

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