Unique Ways to Showcase Your Property


     Trying to find unique ways to differ yourself from your competitors can be a challenge. Luckily, there are several techniques you can try to showcase your property and set yourself apart. One way to do it is through video. Smartphones can record and upload video with just a few taps. Videos give something that photos can’t: an immersive look behind the scenes.

Snapchat (left) & Instagram (right)

     Snapchat stories have been around for quite some time now, but now there is another option in the sharing stories market- Instagram (you can check out the blog we did previously on these two here). You don’t have to choose between the two if you don’t want to, instead use both and take advantage of the different features they have.

     Snapchat is the veteran when it comes to stories, and with new competitors coming into the market they need to be innovative. Recently they added several new features that could be extremely helpful to real estate agents. Prior to the recent update, you were restricted to a 10 second video, but now you can record up to six videos in a row giving your videos a more seamless look. Another interesting feature is adding a link to your video with the new ‘swipe up’ element. If you are showing off a house in your clip you can add a website with the property details on it and ways to contact you.

     When it comes to Instagram, they have mastered the ability for users to explore within the app through hashtags and locations. When you search either of the two you will be able to see what other people are doing in their posts and stories when they use that specific hashtag or location. For instance, if you use #realestate on a post, you’ll be able to see what others are posting using that same hashtag. The same goes for posting a story and typing a hashtag onto the image or video (the hashtag turns into a clickable link on the photo/video). These features are the same for locations. So when taking a video of the home you’re selling, be sure to put the location on your story with the town you’re in to get people there or anyone looking up that town to see it!

     Both of these companies allow you to show the behind the scenes of what you do and where you are. Say you are in the process of getting a home ready for an open house, you could show it off quickly to your followers. Someone may see that and now go to that open house because they liked something you showed off!

     If there is a park nearby you can virtually bring your followers on a walk and show the neighborhood off. Decide to stop by a popular lunch place near by? Bring them along! All of  these actions will not only humanize you as a real estate agent but also display the home you're selling and what the area has to offer.

     Aside from social media apps, you can also showcase video with one of these flying robots (aka drones). Not everyone has a drone laying around, but if you are looking for something to take your business to the next level this can be that solution. While this technology may seem intimidating to use at first, it's actually quite simple with some practice. With that being said, most people still leave it up to the professionals to use. Before you do explore drone videos, check with your local board to confirm the use of drone footage is allowed in your area.

     The possibilities are endless with this device. You can simply showcase a 360 view of the house, which allows the potential buyer to get a better taste of the home itself before even stepping foot on the property. Then you can go a little further and show the neighborhood the home is located in. This will be able to give the potential homebuyer a good idea of what the area will provide.

     The use of drones isn’t necessary for all the properties you sell. Instead it can be used on the more special properties you sell. For instance, they shouldn't be used on homes with small interiors or ones that are shrouded by trees or other buildings, but there are several instance where drones could come in handy. (Check out this link to see drones in action!)

     Close to the beach and want to show that? This is a perfect instance to use a drone.

     Selling a property with a large and beautiful yard? Use a drone!

     These are just a few of the reasons why drone use may be extremely beneficial to selling properties. You don’t have to run out and splurge on this technology though, instead ask your usual photographer if they have one or are going to invest in a drone. Many photographers are starting to shift into this area of photography or are debating on jumping in. They also have companies that specialize in drone photography, so with a quick search you can see if they have drone companies for this purpose near you!

     The possibilities of video will allow you to further your business and show off your listings in unique ways. All of these options give the prospective buyers a better look and insight on what they will be seeing when they come to your open house or tour and who they will be working with when buying their home.

- Amanda, Marketing Intern

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