Social Media is Changing...Again

In a world that is constantly changing, we know that it can be hard to keep up- especially when it comes to social media. So consider us your source for all of the latest and greatest updates to your favorite social networks. Let’s start with Facebook.

Facebook Wants you to get a Mentor

Introducing: a new mentorship program for Facebook groups. Are you part of a Facebook group where you feel you would benefit from starting a private conversation with someone in the group? Perhaps there is a member who has insight into a business problem you have been trying to solve.

Facebook groups now allow admins to create mentorship programs within their groups, allowing members to be paired up with mentors on topics such as career advancement, skill development, or engagement and support. How does it work? Once the program is created, members can sign up to be matched with a mentor, or can register as a mentee. Admins will be in charge of the pairing.  Let the coaching begin!

Business Pages get a Face-Lift

Since Facebook introduced its new algorithm in January, business page content has seen a dramatic decrease in engagement. Cue the face-lift. The goal with these changes is to prioritize word of mouth marketing, and increase brand exposure on the platform.

First up: business page recommendations. Consider this a revamped version of reviews on Facebook. You can now leave a review for a business, and the keywords that you use to describe your experience will become “tags” on that business page. This makes it easier for users to quickly get a glimpse of what people think of your business. These recommendations must be at least 25 characters long and will be featured on each page.

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Next we have action buttons. These have been added to let customers quickly accomplish certain tasks while on a company’s business page. For example you will be able to easily book a reservation or appointment, or even place an online order! (Hello 21st century). The action buttons will directly correlate with the type of business page template you choose to use.


That’s not all. Facebook has also revamped business page stories, making them available to watch by simply clicking on the page profile (yes, just like Instagram!). The platform is also rolling out new options for selling event tickets through business pages. They will even be creating an event-specific ad option to give you an extra boost in ticket sales.

Oh, and if your business page has a large following, Facebook will be reaching out to have you verify your page by providing your location. 

This is in attempt to avoid fake pages creating a business page.

The requirements for verification will be that admins provide proof of location via location services on their phones, or enable a two-factor authentication on the account. Security at an all time high, and we’re glad!

That’s not all for Facebook

Facebook will also be rolling out two more features. The first: removing the “share” option on posts. Instead, they will try replacing this with a “message” option to help users get in touch with one another. Lastly, they have introduced a time management feature to tell users how much of their day they spend on the network (eye opening data for sure). Chances are you spend more time surfing the web than you realize.

This feature will also allow users to set a limit for the amount of time they spend online in hopes of increasing users overall wellbeing.

Enough with Facebook, what About Instagram?

Do you remember the good old days of AIM? When you could chat with your friends online and you always knew who was online and who was away? Well, Instagram has channeled their inner 90’s and graced us with a very similar feature.


Instagram’s new status feature tells you which of your followers are online, or when they last were using the app. No more hiding! Unless you want to of course, there is an option to turn off this setting and remain secretive.

Oh, Snapchat Wants to talk too

Most people are familiar with the dog filter on Snapchat along with many other facial recognition filters. But now, Snapchat is rolling out a feature that will let you talk to the camera and watch the new filter lens’ appear. This filter brings the meaning of “say cheese!” to a whole new level. Check out this video if you don’t believe us.

We know that seems like a lot, but we wanted to make sure you weren’t missing out on anything! Which new feature are you most excited for?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to update you in a few months once these features have had time to roll out.

- Alicia, Marketing Assistant

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