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Creating a Creative Workspace


Take a minute to think about your last creative project. What was your work setting like? Did you feel motivated to complete the project? If not, think about a place where you feel the most creative. It impacts your work more than you think!

With our recent growth, we were running out of space in our old office which led us to look for a new office space. This would give us to the opportunity to redesign a workspace based on not only our needs but more importantly, our wants! Being that our work environment is very collaborative and warrants conversations amongst the group, it was a given that our new space would need to be a more communal work space versus the traditional cubicle life. We even put that in our job postings: “NO Cube Life”.


We wanted to create a space that truly is a tool to solidify our culture while balancing our passion and ability to get things done. Our space is distinctly different from any other office in our current complex; that was done on purpose. We want our employees to feel comfortable in a work space so they can be engaging and productive which will benefit the entire company. This is why our physical space gives our employees the ability to move between standing height tables, traditional desks and lounge settings which all support the fast exchange of ideas, strategy and action items. 

People want the freedom to work “their way,” just like we live our lives.

Very few of us spend the day tethered to a desktop computer anymore. Giving an employee an alternative atmosphere to settle into a comfy bean bag chair or perch on a stool at the counter encourages self-expression and authenticity.

Does it sound too good to be true? While our office entices a fun atmosphere, it isn’t the sole reason our employees show up to work. Even with ping pong tables and unlimited access to food and drinks, our team still strives to do their best work, and are more so motivated to complete tasks when they are creatively inspired.

Lastly, we need to think of these spaces as places to attract talented millennials. A recent study showed that 80% of respondents recognize that physical space play a direct role in fostering a vibrant culture. 32% of 18-34 year olds would prefer to work in a lounge setting filled with ottomans, stools and other causal options vs. the “cube life”. Speaking from personal experience, when deciding between two job offers, I decided on the company which had an office space which was like nothing I’d ever seen before versus the traditional cubicle office.

Your employees want a space they are proud to show off and be involved in.

Even though it may seem like a small factor, a unique office environment can be enough of a factor to sway someone to take a job over another that is full of gray cubicles and an setting that lacks creativity and a modern feel.

This company is run with heart and transparency, fueling a special kind of culture that has become the envy of established organizations searching for that same energy and vibe. Providing your employees with a flexible, authentic environment that engages them, allows them to experience a sense of meaning and belonging. Your space can be a tool to help build that culture. Try it out for yourself. Work from a new space today, or rearrange your desk space to get more creative. Let us know how you get inspired!

- Anthony, Marketing Manager

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