Your Questions Answered with Jared James


In an entrepreneurial industry such as real estate, we often receive a lot of questions about how agents can be doing things better. How can they keep up with social media trends? How can they best follow up with their leads? Well, we've gathered some of your challenges/questions and have brought them to the attention of real estate expert Jared James and are here to present you with his advice, tips and tricks. Read on! 

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Q: I struggle with understanding Instagram and all of its features.


JARED: I did in the beginning as well but like anything you want to learn... you just have to start using it and put repetition to work. When you start using it constantly and asking questions from others that do as well, you'll probably screw up a couple of times but that's ok. The only way to really get a feel for a platform and get to know it's culture and what belongs on it is to be on it consistently engaging with others. All the platforms have different feels to them but you can't have the "feel" of a platform taught to you; You can only gain it through your own exposure and usage. The first step is always to start, so get started and message me on there once you do with any additional questions! 

The only way to really get a feel for a platform and get to know it's culture and what belongs on it is to be on it consistently engaging with others

Q: I need help with lead follow up in an organized and intentional way and balance with my kids. What can I be doing differently?

JARED: Organized lead follow up only comes when you finally commit to two things; Having and utilizing a CRM and following a schedule. The funny thing is that this is how you find balance with your kids on some level too. When you don't follow a schedule and you don't know your numbers for how many contacts and appointments you need to hit your goals then you don't really ever know where you are in your business.

That feeling of uncertainty will cause you to always feel like you have to work because of your inner need to succeed.

But when you know your numbers and the schedule that goes with it to hit your numbers, the beauty is that you not only know when you're working... but also when you are not working! Bit the bullet and just get organized. If you don't trust yourself then hire a coach to help you and hold you accountable. I know a good company... ;) 

Q: I am struggling with live interactive sales scripts practice. What advice do you have?

JARED: There are many reasons why agents avoid live interactive training but the main one is their fear of looking stupid or saying the wrong thing.


That's never going to go away until you put yourself out there. And quite frankly, you have to decide which end of the teeter totter you want to win. The side that represents fear or the side that represents financial freedom and overcoming fear. Until you prioritize financial freedom over your fear of looking stupid, you'll never take the step to practice live with another individual. You have to look at it this plainly.  

Q: How can I leave more effective voicemails?

JARED:  Leaving effective voicemails comes down to a few things; Always dangle a carrot and leave a deadline for getting back to you. If it's a buyer lead then tell them that you have some amazing information on the home they asked about that you can't find online and you can be reached in the next 35 minutes at this number before you have to go to appointments and won't be available. You always need to have something they want and can't get without you and a timeframe for when you will no longer be available to give it to them. Those two things will change how you leave messages.

Q: How I can stay top of mind with content on social media? I want to prevail this ever changing market and still be in business in 10 years. How do I do this with our current market and competition to be successful?

JARED: Get active and engaged! Read up online on what updates have happened and are coming and then execute on what you've learned without any fear of doing something wrong. The only thing you could ultimately do wrong is to stay on the sidelines knowing that you have much to learn when your clients expect it of you. The good news is that much of your peers are doing the same thing so by making the scary choice to execute you are automatically separating yourself from the crowd and positioning yourself as the best option for your clients. 

Have these questions sparked anything in your business? Let us know if there is something you need help with or other questions that you have. We are always happy to give you some advice!

- Alicia, Marketing Assistant

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