Welcome to your Marketing Cheat Sheet!

You’ve made the decision to join our marketing program, now learn how to best utilize the leads that you receive. Here you can find templates, scripts, and video lessons on how to best convert your leads. Have questions or think something is missing? Let us know at marketing@jarjamedia.com.


You may be aware that we are running ads for you on Facebook. But what does this entail and how can you keep track of it? Take a peak at these videos and learn more about Facebook Ads Manager!

Curious where your ad is living on Facebook? Learn where to find it!

So you’ve found your ad on Facebook, but what do all of the numbers mean? Learn how to decipher the stats associated with your ads!

Do you need to chance your payment method on Facebook? This video will teach you how to do just that.

Do you have ads being boosted from your business page? Learn where to view the ads as well as any likes, comments or shares on the post!

So, you have received leads from us. Now what? Take a look at the following videos for tips on follow up!

How to follow up with a lead over the phone.

How to convert partial and full leads.

Have you dealt with leads who claim they never filled out your landing page or reached out for your information? We’ve got tips on how to deal with this.

Are we promoting your open houses or new listings? Learn how to follow up with those individuals who engage with your ads.

Following up specifically with seller leads? These tips are for you!

Immediate follow up for partial seller leads.

Using calls to action to convert seller leads.

Ongoing partial lead follow up.

How to follow up with leads after it's been 5-6 months & you still haven't heard back from them.

Are we generating buyer leads for you? Learn more about what tactics to use to convert them!

How to follow up with buyer leads.


Q: It looks like my leads have stopped coming in. What could have happened? 

A: If you notice that you have stopped receiving leads, a number of things could be happening. It could be that you have reached your spending limit on your Facebook Ads Manager, your account became flagged, or your stealth business page may have become unpublished. To be safe, give our support line a call at 1-888-519-9251 and we will be sure to get it corrected.

Q: What is the difference between my daily Facebook Ads budget and my account spending limit? 

A: This is a question that we receive a lot. Whenever an ad is run on Facebook, it is required that a budget be put behind it. We typically run ads with a daily budget, for example $5/day. Your Facebook daily ad budget will be the amount you spend each day running your ad. An account spending limit is an overall limit that you set to cover your entire advertising account. For example, you can set your account spending limit to $500, and whenever all of the ads in your account accumulate $500 in their spend, your account will be placed on hold. The purpose of this limit is to make sure that you do not spend more than a certain amount in the entire time that you use your ad account. For more information on the account spending limit click here.

Q: Most of my leads are only providing their home addresses. How can I get more contact information? 

A: With our marketing pro program, we see that about 70% of the leads that come in are partial leads, only providing their home addresses. One way to find additional contact information on this address would be to use a program such as the white pages. Luckily for Jarja Media clients, we have a marketing upgrade available that will do all of the work for you! With our upgrade feature, we will convert 60-80% of your partial leads into full leads automatically, providing you with information such as name, phone number, and e-mail addresses - all sent directly to your inbox! Click here for more information. 

Q:  How many leads can I expect to receive?

A: On the seller side of the marketing program, you can expect to receive an average of 5-7 leads per week. On the buyer side, we typically see about 2-5 leads per week. However, this does vary from client to client, as some choose to budget more, or target different areas to attract a specific group of leads. 

Q: What is your cancellation policy? 

A: Cancellation Policy: Your marketing pro account subscription is set to renew 1 month from the day your ad goes live. If you are a listings package clients, your account subscription is set to renew 1 month from the date of purchase. Please note that any cancellations requested 7 days after your subscription renews will not be refunded.

Q: I am not receiving as many leads as I would like. Should I increase my daily budget? 

A: Increasing your budget is always a great way to generate more leads! The more that you budget to push your advertisement out to your target area, the more people you will be able to reach. It is definitely an option to consider!

Q: When a lead fills out the landing with their address, does the
lead go into CMA software to generate an automatic evaluation?

A: No - and here's why: our goal is to help you get in front of these leads and start building relationships. If we were to provide your leads with an automatic home valuation, they are less likely to need to speak with you at all. We know that as an agent you can give the best valuation when you see the home in person - and building a conversation with your leads will get you there. We also know that it takes about 7-12 contacts to convert a lead, so keep up with your follow up!

Q: I keep receiving leads from outside of my zip code. Why is this happening? 

A: There are a few reasons that this may happen. Facebook is targeting anyone that is currently in your specific zip code. Therefore, if someone were on a trip or stopping through in your area, they would be within that target audience for Facebook. They then may see the advertisement while in your zip code, and fill out the home address portion of your landing page with their home address which may be outside of the area. Another situation that may happen is that someone may click on your Facebook advertisement, visit the landing page and copy and paste this link to send to a friend or colleague that is looking to sell. This individual may also live outside of your area.