You VS. You


     If you were given the opportunity to race against yourself, would you take it? You’re probably wondering how that would be possible. How can you race against yourself without being cloned? Well, Nike wanted to take the world up on that challenge, and created the first LED running track that allows you to virtually race with yourself (yes, your real self). All you need to do is put a tracking sensor on your shoe, run a lap, and wait to meet your match. The technology designs your own virtual avatar, which then runs the next lap with you, at the speed of your previous lap.

     The competing avatar appears next to you on the walls surrounding the track, giving you the inspiration to keep up, beat your previous time and continue to push yourself. Each time you beat “yourself”, the avatar will then run the next lap at your new best speed. With each lap that you run faster, the avatar gets larger – increasing the desire to keep up.

     Nike created this “Unlimited Stadium” to help athletes better themselves. The goal was to strengthen the athletes’ weaknesses – for example, teaching them proper pace and speed for their abilities. Looking at this project from an outside prospective, it speaks to many other scenarios aside from running.

     What if you could challenge yourself in other ways? If you had something, similar to the Nike Unlimited Stadium, that recreated the you of yesterday, and sat them next to you today – would you work harder? Be more productive? Can you make more follow-ups today than you did yesterday? Think of the goals that you have set for yourself and for your business. Once you accomplish these goals, perhaps your next goals will be a bit harder to achieve and therefore you can continue to push your limits. Your greatest competition is often yourself. So, in the race against “yourself”, who will win?

- Alicia, Marketing Assistant

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