Technology: Making Smart Homes a Reality


     In the early 1900s, people predicted “electric homes of the future” that included technologies that today we take for granted. These futuristic homes included the television and computer. Now, nearly a century later, these products have not only been invented but advanced much further. While these are devices that we wouldn't typically think of as “smart home” items, they were just a few of the steps it took to get to where we are today.

     Pop culture showed this idea with the Disney film, Smart House in the 1990s. In this movie the house takes the role of an overprotective mother who controls everything that happens. From the food to the chores, the house named PAT had it covered. Of course, things went awry after some time and everything ended up going south with a lockdown in the home.

     Now, lets fast-forward to today’s world - what does a smart home mean? We live in a world where a person’s smartphone can purchase items and communicate with others across the world. Now, we can use these devices to control our homes. Apple recently developed an app, called Home, that allows you to sync up smart home technology products with your smart phone. One of the apps many features is the ability to ask Siri if your house is locked and if you forgot to do so you could have her lock it by just asking.

     Even tech companies that had no prior intent of getting into the area of home products have forged their way in with sell out devices. These products include the Google Home and Amazon Echo. With these products, you just simply ask a question out loud and the product acts as your personal assistant in your home.

     Some products on the market will even learn from you and your actions to predict and control the temperature. With just a tap of a button someone can adjust the temperature of their home before they even get there. This technology can be seen by companies like Nest who pride themselves by saying, “Nest is focused on making simple, human, delightful things. That’s how we’re creating the thoughtful home: A home that takes care of the people inside it and the world around it.”

     The purpose of a smart home is to use technology to easily satisfy all your needs. Its purposes are to make your life simpler and make a difference in your daily activities. Sound appealing? That is why you should try simple with Jarja Media and make your daily life, and organizing your business, a little easier.

     Technology is the way of the future in homes, cars and businesses. Even if a smart home is not what the 90s movie Smart House depicted it to be, technology is playing an important role in making this once futuristic and unlikely idea into a reality. The technology Jarja Media is creating for your business is becoming a reality and will help take your business into the future. Try simple, you’ll like it.

- Amanda, Marketing Intern